Friday, 25 March 2011

Sweden. Gotland, Lärbro.

Sender: xiaolu 
Gotland, Interior of a church in Lärbro (Lärbro kyrka).

Gotland is a county, province, municipality and diocese of Sweden and the largest island in the Baltic Sea. It has sometimes been called the Pearl of the Baltic. The island is the home of the Gutes (the tribal name of the Gotlandic people).

Lärbro kyrka is one of Gotland's largest churches. It was built of stone earlier then XII cent: remnains from XI cent were found in the north portal. The interior is counted as the most beautiful on Gotland. Church was restored in 1953-1955 after a proposal by the architect Olle Karth. (Wikipedia and

One more card with a story: in was sent for Canada from Sweden (Stokholm) by a Chinese guy.

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